Posted in January 2012

There’s No Turning Back Now…

Today’s run was great.  I’m up to three miles now as seen on my Running Log.  I was able to go  6.0 comfortably for the final half-mile of my run this morning.  I jammed out to Bruce all morning (aka – I had this song on repeat for my whole run).  I just love it!  I … Continue reading

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Whoops!  I never actually posted my Tuesday update.  Poor guy was hanging out in My Drafts all day!  I think I’ll just blame it on the fact that I’m still rejoicing over the Patriots win on Sunday! Source I was not feeling the run on Tuesday.  It was hard getting up to go to the … Continue reading

Brooks = Fire

I went to get my “fitting” today for new running shoes at Runner’s Alley.  After the sales man watched me walk in socks up and down the store length, he told me that I overpronate. Apparently, that’s the most common pronation among runners.  I needed some light to moderate stability in my runnings shoes.  I ended … Continue reading

One Step at a Time…

I haven’t run more than a mile in over a year.   Yet there I was, researching training plans for half-marathons. That was one week and 2.5 miles ago. Last week, I created my own training plan, running three times per week, based on some of that research.  The week started at a one mile.  By the … Continue reading