Brooks = Fire

I went to get my “fitting” today for new running shoes at Runner’s Alley.  After the sales man watched me walk in socks up and down the store length, he told me that I overpronate.

Apparently, that’s the most common pronation among runners.  I needed some light to moderate stability in my runnings shoes.  I ended up with the Brooks Ravenna 2.

Aren’t they sa-weet?!  I walked out of there with my new kicks, and headed straight to the gym to give them an official test run (ha).  EDIT:  I ended up exchanging these Brooks for a new pair (seen here).

Man, did those shoes get me moving, or what?! I was on fire! 3 miles today AND I increased my speed. I’m pumped!

You can check out my Running Log to see my progress.

I’m going to hang out between 2 and 3 miles for the next week or so. I want to get a speed that I’m comfortable with before adding more mileage. I also want to start using the incline so it’s more like running outside (or so they say).

In other news, my special sweet and spicy chili has been made for tailgating at tomorrow’s BIG GAME! I can’t wait! I’m off to watch Horrible Bosses with The Husband. The plan is to be on the road by 9:00am… Foxboro, here we come!!!  Go Pats!!!

Today’s Question: What team are you rooting for tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “Brooks = Fire

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