Posted in February 2012


It was a quite busy week!   I had a wedding this weekend, more than a few late work days, a doctor’s appointment and an acupuncture appointment.  When I have late work days, I find it so hard to get up the next morning to get to the gym.  My mind takes a lot longer to … Continue reading

Pigeon Pose

Well, apparently I’m late to the party.  Mike, a fellow runner, sent along some great stretches for me to try out.  The pigeon pose definitely works!  I’m a believer.  I went online to get some more instruction on how to do it properly, and I found out that a lot of runners swear by it. … Continue reading

Pick It Up

And by “it”, I mean weights. My hips have been a little sore lately after I run.  It started out as just my left hip, but now it’s both.  I took a week off from running (as seen in my Running Log), partially from my hips and partially because it was just a rough week … Continue reading