A Mouse, A Casino and A Need for Some Veggies

This past week was a hectic one for me!  Late nights, long work hours and just being plain exhausted.  I could not drag myself out of bed this past Thursday, and I felt like a slug because of it.  That’s twice now that I slept in.  Ugh… but my body was telling me to sleep, so I slept!

After work on Friday, The Husband and I headed over to Chuck E. Cheese for our nephew’s birthday party.  I don’t know how my sister-in-law and brother do it, but they have it down!  They did such a great job with all those kids.  Everyone had a great time.  I mean, they have skee ball.  Can you really go wrong?!!
(He looks so happy, no?)
We also had plans to go to Foxwoods Casino with some friends for the weekend.  Our Saturday was wicked busy as we had a meeting with a financial advisor in the morning about an hour away, and we planned to leave by 2pm to make the two-hour drive to Connecticut.  I did not make it to the gym before we left, so I sure did pack up my running gear to take to Foxwoods!
We stayed at the MGM (on the right in this pic).
While The Husband and our friends decided to hit up the casino, I hurried off to the gym!  I was a little bummed that I was missing out, but knew I’d enjoy my time more if I had my workout done and behind me.  The treadmill was wicked nice, definitely an upgrade from my gym’s treadmills.  But after I got over the fancy-schmacy screen, running was exactly the same as it normally was… the only real upgrade was the free bottle of water they had at each treadmill.  (Thank you for that, my red face was a clear indication that I needed some hydration!  I think I may have scared people on the elevator back up to my room).
I was going to take a picture of the gym, but didn’t want to creep anyone out.  Sadly, you only get the normal photo (with an upgraded view):
I was able to increase my speed to 6.0 AND add an incline of 1.0% (updated on my Running Log).  Let me tell you, I could feel my body crying.  It was a rough run for me as I forgot my normal running headphones in my gym bag.  Luckily, I have a spare set in my purse, but they don’t stay put like my normal ones.  I fought with them the entire run, and I think it actually made me tired having to adjust them in my ears every 30 seconds.  At least my new shoes are still doing their job, but I think I need to invest in some better socks!
That being said, I did it.  I was VERY proud of myself, and I did not ending up missing out on much.  Everyone was still catching up in our room when I got back.  It worked out perfectly, and I felt like a hundred bucks!  Ready to enjoy the weekend.
We had a great time gambling, eating, drinking and just being merry!  I enjoyed an awesome filet (medium-rare!)  from Cedars on Saturday night.  On Sunday, we relaxed all morning and then headed out to The Scorpion Bar for some apps while we watched the game (Blar.  That’s all I’m going to say about that).  Back to the bar… it was a lot of fun, great atmosphere and excellent food.  Definitely recommend it!

(Looks cool, right?!  I saved this picture from their website as it was too crowded to get a good view of it for you guys.  They have couches and more tables in the back room too).
I hoping this week takes it easy on me.  I need to recover with some sleep (and more sleep) and good-for-me food!  My body has had enough of the rich stuff and wants some vegetables!  I think it’s great to splurge on yourself, but I can definitely tell when I’ve had enough.
Oh, age 21, where did you go?!!
Questions of the Day:
Did you do anything exciting this weekend?
What is your favorite brand for running socks? 

7 thoughts on “A Mouse, A Casino and A Need for Some Veggies

  1. I’ve been to that casino, it’s full of old pepole who arrive by bus and spend their days in rooms with no windows and all artifical lights.
    ^ mph is pretty fast, remember to glide not bounce.

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