Pick It Up

And by “it”, I mean weights.

My hips have been a little sore lately after I run.  It started out as just my left hip, but now it’s both.  I took a week off from running (as seen in my Running Log), partially from my hips and partially because it was just a rough week and getting up early was not in the cards.  I wanted to see if my hips were getting sore from my runs (and maybe the shoes I picked weren’t the best), or if it was from wearing heels to work now (wintertime slush = boots to keep my pants from touching the ground, not flats).

My hips seemed okay, so I went to the gym today.  Three miles at 6.0 with an incline of 1%.  Let’s just say that it was not the most fun I’ve ever had.  I could tell I took a week off.  It was one of those runs where I kept stopping to skip a song in my playlist (my iPhone was zipped into a little bag as I forgot my running band), and I had to hide the display screen behind a magazine (not that it helped because I just kept peeking to see how much farther I had to go).  Well, at least I did it.

Man, oh, man.  After my run today, I can really feel it.  Ugh.  My feet also feel a little funny when I run, like a burning sensation.  Again, I hope I just need some better socks and it’s not my shoes.  Any thoughts on this my fellow runners?

Well, of course, I decided to refer to my good friend, Google.


After some research online, I’ve decided that I need to add some strength training into my Half training.  I knew this was coming, but I was enjoying my every-other-day, early-morning-gym workout.  I’m hoping to get into a routine (that I can keep) and start getting up early for work, five days a week.  I really do not enjoy lugging all my gear to the gym.  Seriously, a hair dryer takes up a lot of space in my workout bag… and I’m REALLY not a fan of the showers (or wearing flip flops in the shower).  I’m going to try to get up and go, then come back home and get ready.  It seems silly in a way because the gym is on the way to work, but we’ll see how it goes.  If that fails, I always have my 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels DVD that I could do at home.

Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention until now (most likely), but I will say that the health and fitness industry has some excellent online resources.  It was great finding some information from sites like RunnersWorld, LiveStrong or FitnessMagazine, and then it was even better to hear personal experiences from forums like SparkPeople.  I love searching through posts  to see if other runners have experienced the same issues, and (even better) they give you ideas of what they did to solve the problem.

My favorite source right now is online bloggers like CarrotsNCake and SkinnyRunner.  These bloggers are part of a Healthy Living Network, and have a huge fan base and readership.  It takes reading articles from magazines to a whole new level.  You get to have a first-hand account from someone that you feel is a friend because you’ve been reading their blog for so long.  My Blog Roll has links to some of my daily reads.

I’m telling you, the internet, she is a wonderful thing!

Today, I leave you with Eddie Money.  This song has been stuck in my head since I left the gym.   I know, my playlist rocks.

(You can thank me later for giving you this gem to watch).

Questions of the Day:
What are your favorite sites to explore?

Have any of you overcome injuries?  What method(s) did you use?


12 thoughts on “Pick It Up

  1. Sara, it sounds likey you need new shoes( I know you just bought new ones) or you need to change up your routine. I think it is good that you took the week off and let yourself rest, but it sounds like the pounding is starting to bother you. I look into some cross-training like biking or elliptical. It will still be good training, but you wouldn’t be pounding as much.
    Hope this is helpful and keep up the good work on training! 🙂

    • Hi Alice! Thank you so much for your comment. Being a running newbie, I wasn’t sure if it was my shoes, or just that I needed to strengthen my hips. I really appreciate your insight! Fingers crossed that a new (new!) pair of shoes and adding in some cross training will help me out. Thanks again!

  2. I have never run in Brooks – I am a Nike girl but last time I tried a pair of Asics as they were recommended to me. I did find that they Asics fell apart a little faster than my Nikes and were a bit wider…not a fan. I want to try a place called Run for your life http://www.runforyourlife.com/ they apparently analyze your feet and running pattern (things like pronation) and let you know the best shoes for your feet and running style. Do you have a place like this in your area? That might be a great idea for you to consider.

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I actually did get a “professional” shoe fitting when I bought these first shoes at a store around me called Runner’s Alley. Upon the advice from friends and readers (thanks again, Alice!) and some other articles that I read online, I decided to exchange my shoes. I went last night and had another great experience at Runner’s Alley. Fingers crossed my new shoes will help with my hips so I can get back on schedule (you’ll see them in my next post)! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Sara,
    I liked reading your post. I was thinking about your shoes and (1) you may need new shoes and/or (2) better socks. I buy “gold toe” socks, here is a link to the ones I have, http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstore/product_page.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524892379642&crosssell=true. You can get them at Kohls for a pretty good deal. They are extra cushiony compared to normal socks and I really noticed a difference when I ran. As far as being sore and worn out from running, I usually switch up running and biking. If you feel like you are struggling while running, go for a long bike ride. Say, 10 miles on the hardest level. Then the next day when you do your run, you should feel better. It works for me. As I get closer to my 1/2 marathon; I start biking 12-14 miles every other day and then run between 9-12 miles the others and I really notice a difference in my energy level. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Megan, Thanks for the great comment and all the tips! I ended up exchanging my shoes after hearing from everyone. I’m so happy I did! What a difference the “right” pair of shoes make! Thanks again!

  4. Sara,
    Great post! I really liked how you included the video at the end it made it very fun to read. I noticed you mentioned Livestrong in your post, it reminded me of an article I read last month in Outside Magazine online on the controversy of Livestrong.com vs Livestrong.org and a lot about Lance Armstrong in general: http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/athletes/lance-armstrong/Its-Not-About-the-Lab-Rats.html?page=all
    You might find it interesting. I also follow Outside Magazine on Facebook and they generally have a lot of interesting articles.


  5. Hi Sara,
    I am starting to feel guilty with all of the healthy people in this class. I have been TRICKED into walking a half marathon at the end of April and have been training somewhat but I am hoping that your blog along with Alice, and Mike will give me the kick in the pants that I need. Keep up the great work on your training. I know it is hard but it looks like you are keeping yourself honest.


    • Hi Sean,

      That is awesome that you are going to do a Half too (tricked, or not!)!!! Congratulations! I hope you keep me posted on your progress, and especially after the event! I’m so excited for you! (in case all my !!!! did not show my excitement already!) 🙂


  6. Sara,

    I was thinking about your post for a few days and about your hips. I would look at your stretching routine. I had hip pain a while back when I was training for my 10k and I spoke with some people I know who run and they suggested I look to stretch out my IT Band. Some experience knee pain from the IT Band but you can also feel it through your hip. Below I have included links to a video and slideshow about stretching the IT Band – it is really an area that we never think of and something that gets overlooked. I try to stretch it after my long runs.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9aJtO0VCqw
    Slideshow: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stretching/sm00043&slide=6

    Good luck!


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