Pigeon Pose

Well, apparently I’m late to the party.  Mike, a fellow runner, sent along some great stretches for me to try out.  The pigeon pose definitely works!  I’m a believer.  I went online to get some more instruction on how to do it properly, and I found out that a lot of runners swear by it.

I am happy I finally arrived at the party.  Thanks, Mike!

New Kicks – Take Two

Last week I went back to Runner’s Alley to exchange my running shoes.  After the saleswoman watched me walk and jog, she told me that I actually had a neutral gait.  My original shoes had too much support and were making my feet lean too far to the outside of the shoe.  She helped me narrow it down to two shoes: the Brooks Glycerin 9 and the Mizuno Wave Rider 15.  The Brooks shoes had more cushioning while the Mizuno shoes were firm.  She said they both provide the same support, but compared the cushioning to a foam pit.  Some people find it hard to get out of it, so when they are running they feel it takes more energy to pick their foot back up after striking the ground.  The Mizuno shoe has a faster reaction time because there is not as much cushioning.  She did stress that neither one was better than the other.  It was completely a personal preference.

I decided to go with the Brooks shoes as I am not that concerned about my time for this race.  My goal is to just finish and I think that having the extra cushioning will be good for me.  I also picked up a good pair of running socks to try out.

Hitting the Pavement

In other exciting news, I ran outside for the first time since my training started!  It was so nice out on Saturday that I decided to go for it.  I laced up my new kicks and loaded a running app to try out.  I previously used a running watch to track my distance, but it was nothing fancy.  It based my distance on my stride length, and I found that since I don’t have a set stride the distance would not be accurate.

Enter RunKeeper.  I really liked this app a lot!  It uses GPS and also has a coach that updates you on your progress through your run.  When she comes on, she tells you what mile you are at, what your average pace is and where that falls compared to your goal pace.  It also syncs up to your playlists that are already loaded on your phone.  Here are the screen shots from my run:

I am such a fan of this app!  I like how it breaks down each mile to show what my pace was (clearly, the last mile was a little rough).  I also like that it stores each activity for you so you can track your progress.  I have not set up my online account, but am not sure that I will.  It works great for me just how it is. I can’t wait for another outdoor run!  This is definitely becoming one of my favorite apps!

The run felt really good!  I did not think I would be on pace at all, but each time the coach came on to tell me I was on track I was shocked.  I told myself to just take my time and put one foot in front of the other.  I was not racing against anyone, nor was the time that I finished important.  It made the run much more enjoyable, plus being able to run outside definitely didn’t hurt!

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite phone app (and it does not have to deal with fitness)?


13 thoughts on “Pigeon Pose

  1. Sara,

    Thanks for the shout out! When we don’t exercise for a while or start pushing ourselves a little harder sometimes certain parts start to take a little more stress than others! I bought a pair of Brooks almost a year ago and hated them. I think it was mostly because they were too ‘supportive’ because of my over-pronation. Mizuno has some pretty cool new shoes. Currently, I am a big fan of Asics and will try to stick with them until their designs no longer make my feet happy! Keep up the great work and you will have that 10:42 pace down to 10 in no time!


  2. That looks like a really cool app I am excited to try it once I get my iPhone! I think it is smart that you went back and got different shoes, I am sure that will help a lot. YAY for finally running outside, it must be nice to get some fresh air!

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