Easy (Chick)Peas-y

This past week went by so fast, and the weekend went by even faster!  I think the nice weather definitely had something to do with it.  We are supposed to have good weather all week, 60 degrees or better!  I’ll take it (as most New England-ers will)!

I was on the hunt for some quick cooking recipes last week as I knew I would not be home before 8:00pm most nights.  I found a bunch online and doctored them up to my liking.  I’ll try to share some of the stars with you over the new few posts.  One of my favorites was actually a snack…. Hummus.  I had bought a few different brands and flavors at the stores, but always came up disappointed.  I decided to try my luck at home and was delightfully surprised at how easy (and delicious) the recipe came out!

Please note that it does not have tahini in it.  While I do like it, I did not have any on hand and I was making this on a whim.  I really did not want to run out to the store to get just that (as I had all the other ingredients on hand).  It could definitely be added in for a more authentic hummus… and I’m sorry if I broke any hearts that were hoping for a “real” hummus.  This is not it.

Easy Chickpea Hummus (sans tahini )

Slightly adapted from this recipe at AllRecipes.com.

These are the magic makers:

This is wicked good if eaten with carrot sticks, celery… or especially these babies:


Running Recap

My long run this weekend was “kind of a big deal”.


Five miles.  Done and done!

I honestly think that’s the farthest I’ve ever run.  It was a huge accomplishment for me (as the rest of my long runs will be).  My hips are still a little sore (the top front of the iliac crest to be exact).  I learned a little trick that keeps them feeling young.  Two words: Castor Oil.  You can find it at any local drug store for a few bucks.

Rub castor oil into the sore spot and put a piece of kitchen plastic wrap over it.  The oil is wicked goopy.  It has a gel-like consistency.  Top the plastic wrap off with a heating pad (this is one that has the beads in it and heats up in the microwave).  Holy Heaven.  I don’t know how it all works, and I don’t really need to know.  My hip feels awesome.  I can run.  I am happy.
I continue to mix up my stretches, and I’m doing some pilates DVDs from Netflix during the week to stay loose and strengthen my core.  This stretch has become a favorite.  I can do it at work… again easy-peasy!

I hope you have a lucky week!  Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day!

Questions of the Day:

Do you have any new recipes to share?   What at-home remedies do you rely on? 


4 thoughts on “Easy (Chick)Peas-y

  1. Love it, Salbert! Congrats on the 5 mile run–is this training to prep for a St Patty’s day pub crawl? haha! Happy St Patty’s day!!!!!

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