My Mantra

(My home internet and I are fighting.  This post was supposed be to live yesterday, so when you read it pretend that it is Tuesday – even though it’s really Wednesday.)

This was my view for the past four days (which explains why I have not posted my normal weekend post yet!).

Ocean, palm trees and flip flops ruled my world. 




The Husband and I took a quick trip down to Florida to visit with my mother-in-law.  We got into Orlando around 9:00pm on Thursday night after work and got back home a little after midnight on Monday night.  Work is not as much fun as ocean views. 

Just sayin’…

While we were there, we drove over to Anna Maria Island.  Wow.  It reminds me a lot of Sanibel Island (my Mom usually goes down to Sanibel once a year… and I invite myself to join her). 

Anna Maria is absolutely gorgeous.  The sand is white, white, white and fine.  The ocean was so warm and clear.  We stayed with a family friend while we were there.  His place was unreal… right on the water.   That first photo above was from our balcony.  The beach is RIGHT there.  We kept the sliding door to the balcony open at night and slept to the sound of ocean waves.  It was Heaven!

The first night we got there, we went to a restaurant called Rod & Reel Pier.  I had my first-ever grouper (garlic version).  Delicious!  Firmer than haddock, but still pretty mild.  The Husband had their Mexican Grouper. 


Holy Jalapeños!  That fish was SPICY!  Very good, but make sure you have napkin because your face will be sweating by the time you’re done!

The entire trip was so relaxing.  I think I should retire around age 30, or just up and move to a warmer, ocean-y climate now.   Wouldn’t that be nice?!  If only…

Running Recap

Be proud.  I packed my running kicks and even RAN while I was in Florida.  I knew that I would be away for my long run, and of course, I had never visited, let alone run, in Anna Maria Island before, so I hit up one of my favorite websites to help me plan out my route.   

Map My Run

You can use this site for any outdoor activity.  The most popular activities that it lists are running, trail running, walking, hiking, dog walking and road cycling.  The site has a BUNCH more though.  When you open the site, click on the orange butter at the top right called “Map a Run.”   You choose your location (city or street address), your activity and then click Continue (it might take a second to load). 

A pop-up window will show asking you to log-in or not.  I just “x” it out in the top right hand corner (once it loads).  The site will show the street view of the city you selected. 

I start mapping out my run by clicking on the “Follow Roads” button the key at the right side of the screen.  I click on the street I want to get a starting point, and then just keep clicking along the road every so often so it knows the direction I want to go.  The route will automatically be drawn for you.  It tracks the distance of the route at the top of the site (in a black little box). 

I use this site as to estimate the distance of my route (aka – find a route that will hit my training plan’s required distance).  When I go out for my actual run, I use the free app, RunKeeper, to track my distance and pace.

So… back to my run…   

The week before we left I worked three 13-hour days in a row.  UGH!  No time to run, or really think straight.  I knew my long run would be rough with the week off before and not getting to run much during the week before we left.

I was right.  It was H-A-R-D!

Blar!  I woke up and grabbed a banana as I walked out the door.  I ate it during my warm-up walk.  First lesson… do not eat a banana if you don’t plan to brush your teeth before you run.  Yuck.  I had nasty banana taste in my mouth for most of the beginning section of my run. 

Second lesson… DRINK WATER the night before and morning before you plan to run.  I felt so dehydrated.  I’m sure the humid Florida air didn’t help, but let me tell you… the lack of water made the banana taste even worse.  I had to stop at a convenience store and grab a water mid-way through my adventure to try and wash it down.

Third lesson… mantras are magic.  As you can see from my stats, I did not stick to my pace, or even run that much in the start of the run.  My body was okay to go, but mind did not want me to run.  It wanted me to get that the banana taste out of my mouth. 

I had planned to run out to the pier where we ate dinner.  It was a 9-mile roundtrip loop, so I was planning to run 6 miles and walk the rest.  Well, I ran about two or three miles on pace to start, then I walked.  I walked A LOT, probably close to two miles.  I also got lost a few times, so I had to take out my iPhone and see where I actually was and where I was supposed to be to reach the pier.  On the way back, I chose another route and was on the water most of the time.


It was so pretty and the breeze was perfect.  I told myself that I needed to enjoy the run, and that I could go as slow as I wanted, but I had to keep moving.  I just kept telling myself that I was strong and I could do it.  I ran somewhere between 4 and 5 miles back on the way back.  I did not run fast, but I did run the whole way.  I stopped my tracking app about 0.25 miles before the end of the 9-mile loop as The Husband called me to make sure I was not keeled over on the side of the road (which is why it’s not showing the 9-mile distance).  I walked that last quarter-mile back to the house while I talked on the phone to him (aka – asked him to set me up with a glass of water before I collapsed flat on my sweaty face).

I kept my RunKeeper app going the whole time I was moving, running or walking.  It’s all over the place with the pace and the average pace includes the walking pieces.  I am guessing that my average running pace (for the last four-five miles) was somewhere between 10:30-12:00 minutes/mile.

(Side Note:  Did you know that you can easily take a photo of your iPhone screen??!  Hold down the Home and Lock buttons for one second and then release.  Bam!  Photo! Thanks, Allie and Stew for that tip!!!)

My take-away from this run was that I am physically stronger than my mind thinks I am, and I am also strong mentally (after I give myself a kick in the mental butt).  My mind definitely needs more work than my body in terms of what I can achieve, but…

 I am strong. 

That is my new mantra.  It makes me feel good when I repeat it to myself as I run, like I am capable of achieving exactly what I want to achieve.  I know the more that I get back on track with my training plan; the easier the runs will be for me.  Next long run is scheduled for seven miles.  Lucky Number Seven meet My Mantra.
So here’s to a good week… may flip flop weather be headed our way soon!

Questions of the Day:

Have you been on any fun trips lately or do you have an upcoming travel plans?

What is one of your favorite websites?

Do you have a mantra that you use (doesn’t have to be exercise-specific)?


13 thoughts on “My Mantra

  1. It’s not a favorite website, but a favorite app: CardiodTrainer It’s also a freebie – sounds similar to what you are using. You pick the exercise you are doing and it tracks how far & fast you go and how many calories you’ve burned. It will also play any playlists you have. I like to use it while walking.

    Sounds like you guys had a great time… I noticed that “The Husband” is nicely tanned! 😀

    • Oooh! I’ll have to check it out. I love apps! Thanks! The RunKeeper plays my playlists too. That was genius… whoever decided to make that an option! (Yes, he gets tan SO easily! I, myself, have some pretty sweet tan lines around my ankle where I missed when putting on my sunblock! Whoops!)

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