To Gu or Not to Gu

Don’t worry.  Here I am.  Apparently, my weekend blog post has become my Monday blog post.  Whoops!

Let’s see about a recap…

Yet again, it was a busy, busy weekend.  We came back from Florida on Monday night.  The remaining work week was a big blur.  I was trying to get caught up and also trying to keep my sanity.   The weekend was crazy (as usual).  I set out for my scheduled long run, and then came home to get ready for the night.  We celebrated my sister-in-law’s (un)birthday on Saturday night with a Seafood Fest at our house (ha, Happy Birthday!).  Steamers and haddock and shrimp… oh my! (Wizard of Oz, anyone?)  We went out to see American Reunion after our (feast) fest.  It was actually pretty funny!   I love the dad!


We were up early on Easter morning for church, and then we raced over to meet up with the Easter Bunny.   He was waiting on the steps with baskets for the kids (my niece and nephew and their cousins) when we all arrived at the house.  It was so stinkin’ cute!  We also had some pre-lunch/brunch apps to snack on while sipping mimosas. 

I made Maple Apple Bars for the pre-meal.  Holy jumping manzanas, Batman!  They were good!  (My high school Spanish teacher used to always say that to the class.  Manzanas mean apples.  It’s random the things that you remember, no?)  Also, if you don’t know what a “jelly roll pan” is, I didn’t either.  It’s basically a baking sheet with sides, or at least that’s what I used and it came out perfectly!

If you need a brunch recipe, I highly recommend this one (although I was in a pretty good sugar coma after I had one… okay, I really had two).

After our pre-lunch adventure with the Easter Bunny, The Husband and I headed home… but not for long.  We were back out on the road about 20 minutes later.  We decided to head up to the beach for some more seafood for Easter.  We drove up to Markey’s, and boy was it busy in there!  More steamers were had along with some lobster, crab cakes and onion rings.  Seriously, how does my body function?!  Needless to say, I passed out around 9:00pm last night.   The one good thing about starting a new work week is that I can get back into a normal eating routine!

Running Recap

I can’t believe it is April.  I can’t believe that I have less than two months left before my Half.  I can’t believe that my training plan said that I had to seven miles, and I REALLY can’t believe that I actually did it!  I used my favorite running website and mapped out a route before heading out to run.  It was a beautiful day, and the run went by pretty fast. 

I tried out some Gu Chomps at mile 3 and mile 5.5 (two chomps at each of those miles).  

They are supposed to help keep you fueled while running.  It was my first time trying them out.  I think they worked as I never felt tired or drained. 

Of course, I have a few thoughts though…

1. those suckers are HUGE;

(My hand looks really scary there, but I had do a close-up.  That’s a normal-sized chocolate chip. See what I’m saying… MONSTERS!)

2. how do people gracefully take out these beasts and eat them without slowing down?;

3. they stick to your teeth which is just annoying in general

I took four chomps out the package (each packet has 8 chomps).  I kept the other 4 in the wrapper and put it into my Spibelt (yes, it’s like a fanny pack for runners). 

You can laugh.  I know you want to. 

So… here’s my dilemma…

I had that packet of 4 chomps, my Blistex and my iPhone in my sweet ‘pack (along with my ID and a credit card – you never know).  I was running and tried to get the chomps out, but I kept feeling like I was going to lose everything in there when I unzipped the ‘pack.  When I finally got a chomp out and popped it in my mouth, all I could think was Holy Hell.  It was like when you were little and stuffed all the gum in a Big League Chew packet into your mouth at once (maybe not that extreme, but it wasn’t making the run any easier).  Wait.  What?  You never did that with Big League Chew?  Oh.

Anyway, I had one and then tried to get all the crap out of my teeth before eating the second one.  They actually taste good, kind of like Scooby Snacks.  I was thinking I might try out the liquid shots instead of the chomps and hoping that might be easier.  I didn’t mind them (and I liked that they kept me going), but there has to be an easier way to eat them while running.  Right?  I might have to seek help from Dr. Google on this one…

Someone tell me the secret. Do you break up the chomp before you run?  Where do you “store” them?  How do you access them easily while running? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway… here are my stats (as usual, they can be found on my Running Log as well).

And I’m off… this is another long week.  I’m looking at three 12-hour work days and a (new) grad class on Thursday night for three hours.  (The class is on data analysis and statistics.  Let’s just say that numbers and I don’t have the best relationship.  Wish me luck!). 

The good news is that my 10k is on Sunday!  Whoop whoop!  I can’t wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Questions of the Day:

What is your week looking like? 

Seriously…what is the trick with these Gu Chomps?! 

And just for fun… Markey’s or Brown’s? 
I started eating seafood in my late 20’s, so I have only been to Markey’s twice and Brown’s once.  The Husband grew up going to Markey’s, so by default, I am now on Team Markey’s.


8 thoughts on “To Gu or Not to Gu

  1. Chomps are the devil! I used them on my long run this week, and it was a serious effort to run and breathe and chew and to try to not suffocate all at the same time!
    Gus taste totally obnoxious, but you down it and your done. Boom. So even though I really dislike the taste, I think I;d rather stock up on Gu. I have heard some people take the gels and mix them with water and then bring the drink with you on the run…less intense flavor.

    • Haha! So TRUE! That’s exactly how I felt! I didn’t really mind the flavor of the strawberry one, but trying to chew and breathe and run… whew. I think I’m going to try out the liquid version. However, I’m not super gracefully, so I’m guessing it will end up all over me when I try to open them mid-run. Ah, well. Fingers crossed! Thanks for you comment. If you discover the secret, please let me know! 🙂

  2. You let them melt in yuor mouth. If you try chewing them while running you’re apt to crack a tooth or bite your tongue off! OOps that sounds like advice from a parent.

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