10k – Done and Done

Well, I did it

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t awful, but it’s done.  For those of you around the Boston area, you know that it was a beautiful weekend – much warmer than usual.  I was pretty nervous, and even though I was up to seven miles in my training it was still the longest race I’ve ever run.

(Note: there aren’t nearly as many photos in this post as I normally have.  I’m still not very good at taking photos while running. I’m trying not to pass out while running.  Photos aren’t at the top of my list.  My mom took all the pics for me).

My Mom and The Husband came to cheer me on (and put up with my nerves).  The check-in was easy and the bathroom line moved fast (about a five minute wait).

I think I got in line about two or three times before the race started. I swear I have “nervous pee” – this is why I always sucked at Hide & Go Seek when I was little.  I would hide, but the “nervous pee” feeling would hit while I was waiting to be found.  I’d give myself away so I could go to the bathroom!  If I am ever hiding from a masked-murderer it’s not going to be pretty… I’ll either give myself away trying to sneak to the bathroom and get killed, or I’ll pee my pants.  Why am I talking about this again?

Oh right.  The race.  After my many trips to the bathroom, I gave a kiss to my cheering section and found my way into the mass of runners.  It definitely threw me for a loop with the random lining up.  There were 5k and 10k runners, all with different paces, taking off at the same time (different colored numbers) and you couldn’t hear the man with the starting gun at all.  Inevitably, the gun shot went off and so did we.

My starting pace was WAY too fast.  It was hard to slow down with people all around me, and the energy really had you moving quickly too.  I think I was between a 7:00 and 8:30 minute/mile for the first two miles.  I kept trying to slow myself down, but it was still pretty packed.  The route went through neighborhoods and back to the starting point, and then along a golf course and back out to busy main road.  The 5k crew dropped off at the end of the neighborhood section.

I had two Gu chomps around 12:30pm before the race started (as I had only had breakfast – bad planning).  I had the other two Gu chomps between 3.5-4.0 miles.  I think they did okay, but I really do not like the chomps.  I am going to try and find some liquid Gu’s to try out for my long run this weekend. 

I loved seeing my cheering section!  They were there right before the start, at the loop when we came back to the starting point, right before the finish and then at the finish line.  They hustled all around to make sure they saw me when they could…. which I TOTALLY appreciated!  When I was getting tired, I just kept thinking that I only had to go “X” more miles to see them again.  I finished around 1 hour and 6 minutes (my RunKeeper said I was between a 10:00 and 11:00 minute mile).

My Thoughts

1.  I will say that this race has made me more nervous for the Half, but I’m also excited to think that I could really do!  I think it’s going to take me longer than I originally was hoping though.  My body hurt a lot more after this race than when I ran 6 miles on my own during my training.  My knees and hips are still sore (three days later), and my knees have never hurt before so I’m wondering what’s going on.  Hopefully, my body will settle and I’ll be back to my routine.  Right now, I feel like I have arthritis in my knees.   Awesome.

2.  I need new music on my iPhone.  I have finally gotten sick of my music playlists.  I think on a race day, I definitely want upbeat music and not my usual chill/zone-out playlist.  With all the runners and energy around me, there is NO way I am able to zone-out.  I also think that this race will have a lot of spectators and I want to enjoy it all.  Big music might be the way to go.

3.  Running next to other people is kind of crazy!  Ha!  Some of them would come up RIGHT next to you and then run around you.  Like, when there was no one beside me and we were on a blocked-off road, they would zig right up to my elbow then zag in front of me.  Strange, no?  If they were trying to mess with me, it worked.  I felt like telling them: “Don’t worry, buddy.  You will be way over that finish line before I even see it!  No need to intimidate or muck with my stride.”  Also, I had to turn up my music louder than normal because people were breathing SO heavy.  I’m sure I breathe heavy too, but oh man.  I was worried about some of these people.  Well, until they ran past me that is…

After the race, I stuffed my face with some Mexican food and then went home to put on my pajamas.  I was BEAT!  Again, I find it so strange that my training run was so easy compared to this one.  It must be all the nerves (and… I’ll say the heat was a factor too… so I can still feel cool).

Question of the Day:
How do you calm yourself down when you get nervous?
Apparently… I pee… a lot.

What tunes get you pumped up?

Now after all this text, I leave you with a photo. My seven-year-old nephew is THE BEST! He made me a medal. I mean, really!!! I will run a billion races if I get something like this after them…


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