Double Digits


I hit DOUBLE DIGITS with my training run this past weekend!  Hott d@mn!

It was pretty much a great day all around on Saturday!  Between the Derby and Cinco de Mayo, lots of fun was had by all!

After my morning run, The Husband, some friends and I headed out to place our bets on the Derby.

I picked #19 (“I’ll Have Another”) as my horse of choice.  The name is great and #19 is the day we got married.  All-in-all, he seemed like a good pick.  And then he won!


AH!  So exciting!  We didn’t place a huge bet, but we did win $50 (enough to move our Derby celebration into our Cinco night-out)!

The bar we headed out to for our Cinco celebration was handing out fake mustaches.  They quickly became the entertainment.  If you’ve ever seen Just Go With It, pieces from this scene played out quite a bit through the night:

And then there were the unibrow pics…

I even text that one to my mom and told her that I could be on America’s Next Top Model.  She text me back that I “would totally win!”  Haha… seriously, my mom is the best!  Tyra, get ready!

Running Recap

Saturday’s run was done at a slow pace.  I wasn’t able to get either of my shorter runs in last week, so it had been one week since my last run.

I (finally) updated my playlist and got to rock out to some new jams during my run.  I also took a Gu shot around Mile 5 (berry-flavored).   It was MUCH easier to take than last week’s flavor.  I think the vanilla flavor is just too sweet for me.  This flavor was good going down, and it didn’t hurt my stomach at all.  I have two flavors left to try… I’ll keep you posted.

I also (be proud!) carried a bottle of water with me during my run.  I didn’t even twitch.  Not once!  It was nice to be able to take a swig every now and then.  Another runner that I passed was sporting one these:


I was actually intrigued by it.  My, how I’ve grown.

My knees started to hurt around Mile 6 or so, but everything else just kept trucking along for me.  The route that I run is a big 8-mile loop, then I swing back around through for a smaller 4-mile loop (that is part of the bigger loop – if that make sense).  Since I ran 10 miles, I was on the “other” side of the loop and still had to walk two miles back to my car.  Let me tell you… it was a SLOW two miles.  My legs felt like Jell-O, but I think they appreciated the walk to cool down.

I still can’t believe I hit double digits this week (oh wait, my knees can).  Double Digits.  It’s kind of like how I felt when I finally turned 10, only without the cake.  Only have THREE miles left to go!

And now I leave you with this little gem to help get you through your week…

Questions of the Day:

Are there any other Derby fans out there?   Did anyone else enjoy Cinco de Mayo?  What did you do to celebrate?

Have you ever used a handheld water bottle during a run?  What are you thoughts on it?


5 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. So this comment has nothing to do with your questions…sorry Sara, but I just wanted to say CONGRAT’s on hitting your double digit mark – that is so great. And also – the haircut is awesome!!! I love it – beautiful as always!

    • Hahah… that’s okay! I love getting comments! You’re so sweet! You can ignore my questions and just comment on whatever you want! 🙂 Are you getting excited for our birthday!?!!

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