Another Year Older, Another Great Adventure Awaits

I’m a big birthday person.


I LOVE birthdays.  No matter the age, or how excited the actual Birthday Girl/Boy may be… I will be 100% excited to celebrate with her/him.  I don’t know what it is that I love so much about them.  Maybe if it’s the thought of celebrating what’s to come, or looking back at the memories that were made over the past year.  Either way, I think that birthdays are a great time to be able to make a wish, whoop it up with people that you love and enjoy just being you.


Today is my birthday (along with my friend, Lisse)!  Lisse and I met when we did the Walt Disney World College Program in the summer of 2001.


We were matched up to be roommates (with four other girls) for the summer.  We all had such a blast, and made so many hilarious memories.  All the student cast members lived in an apartment complex that was owned by Disney.  We didn’t have a TV in our apartment, so from May until August we worked for peanuts, took some crazy road trips, put on our fair amount of skits in front of a home video camera (of course 90% of the music was Disney-related) and made life-long friendships.  Thinking back now, I still crack up at the times that we had together.  Definitely one of the best summers I’ve ever had!  So, Happy Birthday, Lisse!  I hope you have an amazing day celebrating you!

The Big Day

After a fun night celebrating my birthday with my family, we were up bright and early this morning.  The Husband went into work for a little bit and I took off on my long run.  We have to put some pep in our step this morning because are heading into the city to take a Segway tour with Boston by Segway.  The tour starts promptly at 1:30pm, so we have to be on our A-Game time-wise.  I cannot wait.  Zora, The Husband and I on a Segway tour.  Help us all!  I think it’s going to be hysterical – with our “fancy” helmets and all!   I’m hoping we all stay on our feet!

After our tour, we are meeting up with some more friends for dinner and night on the town.  I’m so excited to see everyone!  The fact this it is finally sunny out doesn’t hurt either.  Happy Birthday to Me!  Thank you, Mother Nature.

We are heading back home on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day with our families.  The plan is to have a cookout and enjoy the company.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

Running Recap

I did my usual loop today.  I should probably switch it up because I know the route so well (i.e. – how much further I have to go at certain places).  I think the ritual of it will make the actual Half day harder (not knowing the route as well).  Honestly though, I doubt I will switch it up.  I’m not out to break a world record during on race day.  I just want to finish and have a smile on my face at the end.  Today’s run wasn’t too bad, but my overall pace definitely slows down mid-way through the run.

Oh! And my knees.  Oh, my painful knees.  I almost had to stop today because they hurt so badly.  I even took Advil before my run.  I kept on pushing, but I’m definitely going to look into a knee brace.  The poor things are definitely taking all the beating during my run.  Once the race is over, my plan is to drop back down to two shorter runs during the week, and one loop (8 miles) on the weekend.  I think they will appreciate the break.  I’m sure they will let me know me if they don’t agree.

I also tried the Strawberry Banana gel and the Chocolate Outrage gel that I had in my stash today.  I didn’t like the strawberry banana one, which is strange because I love both of those flavors.  I think it all goes back to the Banana Mouth.  Looks like I’ll be going with the Tri-Berry and Chocolate flavor for my Half.

Okay, we are off!   Wish us luck!  I’ll try to post a picture on next week’s blog!  Happy Mother’s Day – enjoy celebrating your special day!


Questions of the Day:

Are you a Birthday Lover or Hater?
Clearly, I’m on the Loving side of that fence.

Who are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?
I’m celebrating them all!  My Mom, sister-in-law, Godmother, aunts, cousins and friends!  Each and every one has taught me at least one important life lesson.  I love you all and am blessed that you are in my life.  Happy Mother’s Day!


6 thoughts on “Another Year Older, Another Great Adventure Awaits

  1. Girlfriend, I wish I had your stamina! Especially on your birthday! Keep up the fight, cause in the end that smile will not want to come off for awhile after the race. Happy birthday girlfriend!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the massive love for me on our Birthday! You make me feel so special! I hope your day was super fantastic. It was beautiful in Minnesota too…got to eat dinner outside on a patio (usually it’s about 45 degrees), so I, too, was thanking Mother Nature:) So glad you are in my life Sara! Can’t imagine my life without our Disney summer together…life changing! Love you!

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