Game Plan

The countdown has officially started.  This is my last week before the Big Day!  I spent this week trying to find ways to heal my knees, finalize the “day-of” plans and find a good running outfit for next Sunday.  Impressive stuff, I know.

The Clothes

I used Zappos to try on a gazillion tanks, shirts, shorts and sports bras.  I must have ordered about six or seven boxes of stuff.  I love Zappos!  It’s like shopping at home.  Free shipping to and from, PLUS one-business day shipping.  Amazing.  Sadly, after all that back and forth, the only things I’m keeping are shoe inserts (more on that later) and a sports bra.  Bummer.

Luckily, I was able to find some great stuff at Marshalls (on the cheap too)!  I picked up two pairs of shorts, a tank, sports bra and a shirt all for the same price I was paying for ONE tank from Zappos.  Gotta love those discounted prices.  Thank you, Marshalls!

Here is the final running day gear:

Spibelt and Mizunos not pictured.

Moving Comfort Talent Tank – $14.99 (Marshalls)

Pony Interiors Shorts – $7.99 (Marshalls)

Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra – $44.00 (Zappos)

SweatyBand Headband – ? (previously owned)

ProCompression Marathon Socks – $25.00 (after coupon)

I tried everything out on my run on Saturday.  No chafing = successful picks.  I also decided on my morning pre-race meal (scrambled egg and banana with peanut butter) as well as toting along the goods for my favorite post-run refuel:

That awesome pint is from our Honeymoon.

The Music

I even created a new playlist for the occasion.  If you want to see some random music, check this puppy out:

Not random enough for you?  Clearly you didn’t see #33.

Sometimes I’m so cool that I even surprise myself.

The Knees

So, it’s no surprise to you guys to hear about my knee pain.  The pain that I have is actually IN my kneecap, not around the knee at all.  When I consulted Dr. Google, it came up with Chondromalacia.

During the week, I tried out a few different braces after reading several reviews for ones that are designed to specifically help patellofemoral syndrome.   I ended up with a patella stabilizing brace and the Jumper’s Knee Strap from Mueller.  I ran around my neighborhood on Wednesday to see if the strap would work, but three miles in it was too painful to keep going.  It even hurts in my normal day-to-day walking now too (going down stairs?  Holy hell is that painful).   The brace was just WAY too big.  I could not picture running thirteen miles in them.   So verdict?  No brace for race day.

I tried out a few different shoe inserts to hopefully provide more support during my run.  I ended up with the blue Superfeet insert (from Zappos).

I also increased my Fish Oil intake to four pills (instead of my usual two), plus I added Glucosamine to my daily vitamins.  I am hoping that these changes along with stretching will help me out.  I just keep telling myself that it’s just ONE day.  I can get through the pain for this ONE day (really, I’m hoping that the pain magically goes away for those 2-3 hours of the race).

Running Recap

Ugh.  That’s all I can say about my run this week.  12 miles.

Oh, so painful.  It’s so frustrating because I feel great when I run, but my knees say otherwise.  I had pain right from the start, but tried to push through it.  At Mile Four, I had to stop.  I haven’t done that at all yet this training plan, so I knew it was bad.  I was so frustrated that I even shut off my RunKeeper app.  I kept walking and tried to tell myself to just walk the whole thing instead.  I walked for a little bit (maybe 0.2-0.3 miles?) and my knees felt better.  I decided to run again and said that I would just go really slow and walk whenever I needed.  I only had eight miles left – just two four mile sections.  I could do that.  I stopped two more times along the way, but I finished under 12 miles (about 11.5 miles).

I’m not happy that I could not finish, but this Sunday is way more important to me than my training run.  Eye on the prize.  Between the supplements, Aleve, new inserts and stretching, I’m hoping all goes well.  Fingers crossed that next time you read my blog, I will have successfully completed my first Half-Marathon!

I’m going to leave you with this amazing YouTube video.  Apparently, I’m one of the last people in the world to see it (according to some of my friends), but I. JUST. CANNOT. STOP. WATCHING. IT.

Make sure you watch it until at least 2:25 minutes into it… so hilarious!

(Yes, I added this song to my playlist.  I’m also practicing their sweet chorus moves around the house.  Amazing image, right?).

Question(s) of the Day:
Do you watch videos on YouTube?  What’s your current favorite one?

Any knee-pain survivors out there that want to pass along some tips?



18 thoughts on “Game Plan

  1. Sara, I wish you much luck in your run next week. Love the choice in apparel! I’ll be thinking of you. As far as knee-pain survivors, all I can say is be good to your knees and take care of them well. The alternative isn’t fun at all. Have a great run!

  2. Sara, good luck on Sunday! Don’t forget to ice your knees as well. Nothing is as good for swelling or inflation like ice! Oh, I love that your playlist has.38 Special and Jefferson Starship!

  3. Love, love, love that you have the Girls of Rock N Roll on your playlist. I have to tell you…I spotted it long before you pointed it out – no surprise! I’ll never forget us performing that one:) Good luck this Sunday! I know you’ll do awesome!

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