My Favorite Days

1. The Day We Got Married

• Being lucky enough to marry my love and partner in crime.

• Celebrating the absolute Perfect Day with our amazing family and friends.


2. The Day My Nephew Was Born


• Flying fourteen hours across the country to be there the minute that my brother became a Dad for the first time.

• Understanding what “Your First Baby Love” actually means.


3. The Day I Finished My First Half-Marathon

• Proving to myself that I am strong and capable of more than I give myself credit for.  I am so proud today!

Thank you to everyone for all your encouraging words throughout my journey, especially to my amazing cheering section!   For this one moment in time, I’m officially the coolest person I know (even if I do listen to The Chipmunks). 

I’m off to celebrate!  (Race recap to come!)


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Days

  1. You are amazing! Congrats on the finish..glad we were able to share the moment with you, even if we got there after you crossed the finish line!! Enjoy the accomplishment 🙂

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