Posted in June 2012

It’s the Pits!

Literally. I’m having deodorant issues.  Not so much stank (aka – smelly) ones, but more “my-deodorant-promises-to-go-on-clear-but-leaves-white-marks-on-my-clothes” issues.  Ladies (and maybe some men), know what I’m saying? I went searching online to try and see if I could find some inspiration.  I’ve always (past ten years or so) been a Dove girl… but I’ve been really sick … Continue reading

Pump Up the Jam

Pump it up… while your feet are stompin’… Now you can join me in having that song stuck in your head all day.  You’re welcome. Speaking of music, I have been listening to the same playlist during my runs the past few weeks.  I needed a change, and it came in the form of Pandora.  … Continue reading

Staying Busy

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently signed up for my first Rock N Roll Half-Marathon.  Since I started training for my first Half, I knew that I wanted to experience a Rock N Roll Half.   This series is all over the country (and international too).  There is a band that plays at … Continue reading

Run to Remember Recap

First of all… Happy National Running Day!  Now onto the recap… This race was such a blast!  It could have been the perfect weather.  It could have been the atmosphere.  It could have just been my complete excitement for running my first Half!  Whatever it was, it was AWESOME! The Expo Runners were able to pick … Continue reading