Pump Up the Jam

Pump it up… while your feet are stompin’…

Now you can join me in having that song stuck in your head all day.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of music, I have been listening to the same playlist during my runs the past few weeks.  I needed a change, and it came in the form of Pandora.  I use Pandora at the gym a lot, but I can always change the song a lot faster than when I’m running outside.  Since I normally use my SpiBelt when I run outside, I like having my own playlist rocking so that I know I like every song (and avoid having to take out my iPhone, unlock it, get into the Pandora app and skip the song, relock the phone, re-zip it back into its little pack).  However, this past week I decided to go crazy and try out a few stations on Pandora.  It was also really easy to set up with my RunKeeper app.  Under playlist, I just select “none” and I’m good to go.  I can still hear my RunKeeper lady speak to me and it tracks everything the same as usual.  Here are the stations I have saved:

No surprise that I have the Wicked station on there, huh?

I have been into upbeat music with a good beat, where previously I was all about thoughtful, slower music.  The songs that come on in the decade playlists (80’s, 90’s, etc) always crack me up.  Some of them are songs that I totally forgot about, like Maniac.  All I could think of was Punky Brewster.

Anyone else out there with me?  I watched Punky all the time when I was little.  Ah, the life lessons I learned from that show.   

Back to Pandora, I love having the variety at my fingertips and being able to customize my choices.  The memories that some of the songs bring up are crazy.   Remembering where I was in my life and what was important to me at the time when certain songs come on is one of my favorite parts of listening to Pandora.  You never know what song (and memory) is coming up next!

Did you know that the name Pandora means “all gifted” in Greek?  We’ve all heard the myth about Pandora’s Box.  The company wanted to “celebrate that virtue [of curiosity] and have made [its] mission to reward the musically curious … with a never-ending experience of music discovery.”   Hmmm… clever.   If you want to see how they go about customizing each station for different individuals’ tastes, check it out here.

The company does a great job at engaging its users through its customization features and its use of social media platforms.  Their blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts have a lot of good stuff going on.  All music-related goodness, if you will.   They even use their Twitter account to help out users.  Gasp!  They WANT to hear from us!  That’s some really good goodness.  I even love that they are partnered with various automobile companies and that they have a mobile app.  Pandora, keep on going strong.  You really can have your music anyway you want it now!

(You knew that was coming…)

Running Recap

This weekend we are in Albany visiting some of my amazing friends from college.  I am in Heaven!   It was nice to sleep in a little longer than normal, but we were all up fairly early still.  We are headed out for some City Fun at 11:00am, so I was psyched to be able to get my long run in.

It was great being able to leave from the front door and start my run.  Usually, I drive to my favorite running spot, so I felt spoiled this morning!  Plus, I was running through downtown, which I LOVE!  You know I was rocking out with some Pandora during my run.  It was an added bonus listening and watching what was going on all around me.  Oh Running, you never let me down!   I will say that the only setback was the Holy Hell heat that the Midwest sent our way, but I made it through (of course, I did get lost once or twice).  You can check out my stats on my Running Log.

We are off to soak up the sun and make some more memories!  Have a wonderful weekend! 

Question of the Day:

Do you have any songs that remind of you certain moment in your life?
U2’s “All I Want Is You”.  The live version from Slane Castle.   It is our wedding song.   I will never get enough of it or the memories it brings up. 

What is your favorite Pandora station at the moment?
80’s Cardio and 80’s Pop are my top two this week.  Next week… I’ll have to wait and see…


5 thoughts on “Pump Up the Jam

  1. Sara, I enjoyed your creative approach to this assignment. I enjoyed the manner in which you captured Pandora’s use of social media, while keeping the overall tone of the post playful and light. Have you tried Spotify (Pandora’s nemesis)? I’m hearing good things about Spotify. Specifically, there are no annoying commericials.


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