It’s the Pits!


I’m having deodorant issues.  Not so much stank (aka – smelly) ones, but more “my-deodorant-promises-to-go-on-clear-but-leaves-white-marks-on-my-clothes” issues.  Ladies (and maybe some men), know what I’m saying?

I went searching online to try and see if I could find some inspiration.  I’ve always (past ten years or so) been a Dove girl…

but I’ve been really sick of the white residue it leaves on my clothes.  Invisible?  No, no you’re not. 

I love their “Campaign for Real Beauty” and want to support them.  The company took such a different approach to selling beauty products than its competitors did by showing how the industry alters images to “fit the mold.”

I think the message is so powerful, especially when Dove uses videos like this one.

Dove has done an amazing job involving its consumers through this campaign.  It even builds online communities by asking bloggers to share their story and then spread it around on Facebook and Twitter.  I was surprised when I went to the website that it did not have a link over to Twitter, which is probably why it’s Twitter following isn’t as high as it could be.  49,000 is nothing to laugh at, but I figured it would be a lot higher.  Maybe it can start sharing more stories and links to healthy self-worth articles or positive messages that can be retweeted by followers.

The product website did promote its “Dove Talk” on its Facebook page and asked its almost 8.5 million fans to join in.  It even posts positive self-image messages that can be forwarded to friends and asks heartfelt questions, such as, “of all the beautiful, strong women in your life, who has inspired you the most?”  Dove highlights that every woman is beautiful and unique, and notes it is “committed to help all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.”  That’s a pretty strong message!  See why I want to buy from Dove!  Well, me and 8.5 million other Facebook fans!   Oh Dove, why can’t you just find a way to remove the residue.  My problems would be solved!

Feeling undecided about my pit problem, I turned to some of my usual blogs and found out that the women were using men’s Old Spice to get residue-free armpits. 

Hmmm… that thought had not occurred to me.  But this guy seems like he knows what’s up, no?

Granted that is for body wash, and for a man.  According to those bloggers, the deodorant does not make them smell like a man (specifically, not “the man that they want their man to smell like”).  Old Spice’s advertising alone should make me want to try it out.  I must have watched at least ten of its YouTube videos as I was typing up this post.  The videos are just so funny with the scenarios and the questions that they ask!  They definitely engage consumers and keep them wanting more.   With more than 500 million views, they are doing an amazing job!  Did you know that the company stopped using their Old Spice Guy (Isiah Mustafah) for a while?  Consumers (and fans) were so bummed out that Old Spice brought him back.  Now that’s listening to your audience!

Have you guys even been to the Old Spice site or its Facebook or Twitter page since its new “The Scent of Courage” campaign?  All of the sites have the background promoting its new campaign. Such a great uniform look, so consumers know exactly where they are.  The company duplicates some of the messages across Facebook and Twitter to make sure it is reaching all of its fans (that’s over 215,000 on Twitter and over 2.17 million likes on Facebook)!  I mean, check out this screen shot:

Yes, that says “Important weekend advice: even if something bad happens to a Danger Zone man, he won’t smell like something bad happened.”   If you watch the commercial, it ends with the woman telling him that he smells like he looks.  “Amazing.”  Ha!

Old Spice even has an online store where you can buy gear and download wallpaper, ringtones and screensavers.  Maybe I am missing out, and should give it try.  I mean, according to their site, I could “smell like volcano-powered motorcycles and ninja punching!”  Who doesn’t want to smell like ninja punching?!   Whether I try it out or not, they may have just found a new follower…

Running Recap

Alas, there is no recap this week.  I’m calling it my “bye” week.  Between school and some late nights at work, my weeknight runs didn’t happen.  Today, it was 85 degrees when I was planning to head out.  Running eight miles alone in the blazing heat made me a little nervous.  Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break.  Hence, the “bye” week on my Running Log.  I’ll be back at it again next week, but for now I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and some time with The Husband! 

And with that, I end my rambles and leave you with two thoughts…

First, if you read this far… bless you!  I’m not quite sure how you made it through…

Second, what the heck kind of deodorant do you use?  I’m baffled by the options, just baffled!  And now that men’s deodorant has been thrown in the mix… gah!  That’s so many more to choose from!

Questions of the Day:

How do you choose your deodorant? Performance (Odor/Wetness)? Smell?  Price?  Company message?
Clearly, I’m at a loss on this one. 

Have you found the Holy Grail of Deodorants that doesn’t leave white stains, but performs? Help a  girl out and give me the dets!
Oh wait, and this one too…


6 thoughts on “It’s the Pits!

  1. I have the same deodorant problem. I don’t have one favorite brand. I use Dove occasionally but normally use Degree. My solution for the white marks on shirts is to change the way I put on shirts. I step into tank tops and for shirts I put them over my head and shoulders then put my arms in after the shirt is already covering my torso. If I can’t dress this way then I rub the white deodorant marks together and they generally disappear. 🙂

  2. Lol! I just recently changed my deodorant. I tried all those “clinical” ones, but they didn’t seem to work any better than the normal ones. My sister recently turned me onto Secret Clear Gel, ooh la la lavender. I was very skeptical, but actually love it, there is no residue, and I feel it works very well, and I’m a sweater;)

    • Hahahah too funny! Thanks so much for sharing your new found success! I will definitely have to try it out. I tried a Mitchum gel before and it was way too drying (made my skin itchy and red – so attractive, I know). I’ll have to see if Secret’s formula is better. Thanks again!!!

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