Hot, Hot, HOT

Oh yes.  I’m feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!

Man, oh man, today’s run was crazy hot.  Nice and sweaty.  Elbow sweat was just the tip of the iceberg.  Ugh.  I don’t know how people in the South are dealing with the weather!  In reality, if I was headed to the beach, I’d be in Heaven.  Running eight miles in it… well… I would not call it Heaven.

I definitely had to let my mind wander during my run to keep me distracted as my music was just not cutting it.  I imaged myself running my upcoming Half, dreamed about where I’d like to go on vacation and even thought what it would be like to be an Olympic athlete.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m getting so excited for the Olympics in a couple weeks.  I wasn’t really into the past two Olympic Games for some reason.  I would definitely watch the highlights, but I was not sitting at home watching them every night.  This year I definitely want to be plunked down on my couch cheering for USA.  Maybe it’s all the hype about social media’s involvement or all the research I’ve been doing on New Balance for my grad school class.  Whatever the reason is… I’m psyched to see some Red, White and Blue!


Did you know that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has even set up a site specifically for spectators to be able to follow their favorite athletes throughout the “first social games” via Facebook and Twitter.  The IOC created this site as a way for fans to be able to get the latest news on their favorite athletes as well as publicly share their own reactions, likes, favorites and tweets.

NBC has hopped on board the social media train by partnering up with Facebook to bring coverage of the games to fans through the social media platform.  The deal means that the NBC Olympic Facebook page will be the site for breaking news, photos, trivia and fan polls.  So if you are getting excited for the Olympics like I am, then go Like their page, and you will have access to exclusive content throughout the Games.

As I said above, I’ve been doing a lot of research on New Balance and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies.  The company incorporated its Facebook page to have fans vote for its most inspiration athlete as well as using its website as a place for its fans to get to know the New Balance Team.  This is the page that you are greeted with when you visit their website:

Bam! Olympics.

The company is so proud of its athletes!  You can view video clips and learn more about all the Team New Balance athletes on their site.   The company does a great job of choosing the right type of athletes to partner with by making sure they have the same values and belief in the New Balance brand.  (Start watching this one around 12:49 to get goose bumps!)

New Balance uses Facebook and Twitter to keep its fans and followers up-to-date on its athletes as well as interact with them on their thoughts about the upcoming Games.  Even though the Olympics won’t last past the summer, it provides a great avenue for companies to reach billions of viewers throughout the world.  New Balance has been able to position itself as the home-town hero.  Did you know that the Boston-based company is the only athletic footwear manufacturer making shoes in the United States?!

I can’t wait to see more of New Balance’s commercials during the Games!  While there are many competitors out there, New Balance definitely separates itself from the pack by creating high-quality performance products – function and fit over fashion.

The Olympics are sure to provide New Balance with a lot of publicity and brand exposure.  I can’t wait to get the company’s updates via Twitter and Facebook!  I wonder if the athletes will be updating their fans at the end of each day too.  Oh, I cannot for the Games to begin!

Running Recap

Like I mentioned earlier, today’s run was a scorcher.  I managed eight miles, but definitely took some walking breaks.  I was hugging the shady parts of the road whenever possible.  If there had been a little breeze, it might not have been so rough.  My water bottle was filled with lukewarm water by mile four – not so refreshing.  I was definitely questioning why I signed up for a mid-August race during today’s run.

However, my day dreams quickly reminded me that I love the way I feel (mentally and physically) after a good run.  Some days are just going to be harder than others, but with each step I just keep telling myself that it won’t get better without hard work.


 Questions of the Day:

Are you excited for the Olympics?  What event are you most excited about?

What do you do to keep going when you want to give up?


2 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, HOT

  1. Hey Sara! I, too, am super excited for the Olympics! My favorite sports to watch are gymnastics, volleyball – beach and then indoor and diving. Can’t wait!!

  2. I am getting excited also because of the social media hype, need to check out the US stars and I want to see what London looks like because I was there a few years ago and the area where the games are really was in rough shape. To Keep going – my grandmother had a saying, which was so funny hearing her say it: “Remember, the deeper the shit the better your roses grow.”

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