Uniboob, Be Gone

Yes, this post is all about keeping “the girls” happy and in place without the dreading chafing.  I have been on the hunt for a good sports bra for a while now.  I was victim of the doubling-up strategy, which was miserable during and also in the after-math of the run.  You know what I’m saying… trying to get those sports bras up and over your head after being completely exhausted and, oh yeah, sweaty.

My first thought was to go with the sports bras that just don’t go over my head.  No more crossed-back straps, just a regular over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder (Beaches, anyone?) for sports.  I previously purchased the Fiona sports bra from Moving Comfort. It started out as a good choice (and worked well for my first Half), but as I’ve been using it I think it has stretched out.  I have been chafing like crazy right under the girls, and let me tell you, it hurts like whoa.  Sweaty salt into an open wound.  Ouch.  I am now a proud owner of a nice sports bra scar line.  I wish the story behind the scar was better, but really it just comes down to a poorly-fitting sports bra.


 That’s raw skin right there.  Ugh.

I was reading one of my daily blogs and saw that Tina from Carrots ‘N Cake tried out a Champion sports bra and loved it.  Really?  Champion?  The only time I see Champion anymore is at Target with their C9 line.  I honestly didn’t know they were still even a player in the sportswear industry.  I’m sure they would not like knowing that fact.

I was intrigued.  I checked out their website and discovered it was kind of lame.  It did not make me want to stay on the site and look around.  Basically, it was not engaging at all.  If I hadn’t seen Tina’s post, I would not have stayed on the site any longer.  When I clicked over to their Sports Bra page, it was a whole other story!  The site has a nice looking layout with interactive options, such a blogFit Guide and the Bra Finder.

I checked out the Shape Scoop sports bra and noticed that it was regular over-the-shoulder straps. 


Hmmm.  I checked back on Tina’s blog and noticed the photo she posted showed her straps crossed. 


 Now I was even more impressed with the ability to switch up the fit as needed.  First, I went back to my Fiona sports bra to see if the cross-strap style would work.  Well, it did and I like the fit more, but I still chafe.  So no good, especially when it’s so hot out.

I went searching for reviews from other consumers and was very surprised when I saw that their Sports Bra site did not have any reviews.  More than that point, they did not even mention reviews anywhere on the page.  I thought that was pretty odd given that you can find almost everything online these days.  I found some external sites and read the reviews.  I was ready to try one on!  I am usually an online shopper (as you can remember from my Zappos experience), but I decided to find a store so I could try them on. 

My friend, Bre, and I made plans to go out a few weeks ago.  While we were putzing around, I spotted a Hanes outlet.  From my previous website browsing, I knew that the Champion products would be there as well.  I was crossing my fingers that this Shape Scoop bra would be there. … AND IT WAS!  I pulled the ol’ cross-strap fit and was in Heaven.  Well, as much as one can be when in a sports bra.  I grabbed two of them (on sale = even better) and was on my way to officially test them out!

I have to say that I am huge fan!  Besides being functional, they have fun colors (which is an extra bonus).  The girls don’t move at all, and there is no uniboob to be found.  The sports bra actually has underwire in it, so everything stays where it is supposed to be.  Halleluiah!  The only thing I would change about the sports bra would be to have a little more length in the shoulder straps.  When I cross them, they seem a little tight.  It is nothing that would stop me from buying it, but a little extra length would have made this bra perfect.   

I wish I was able to leave a review for the product on the company website and tell others what a great product this sports bra is.  I would have thought that a company would want consumer feedback on how to improve its products and to also help promote its products.  I went to the Facebook and Twitter pages, but didn’t really see how comment would fit into the tweets and posts that the company puts out.  There was a blog post on the Champion Sports Bra site, but I wasn’t feeling too confident that I would get a response.  Overall, there seemed to be a big disconnect between the Champion main page and the Sports Bra page.  The part that threw me off even more was that the sports bras were on the main page and also on the separate sports bra site.  They felt like two completely different companies.  It was really bizarre.  I feel like they could do so much more to get their name out there (product reviews, photos of how the clothing fits on actual people, more relatable posts).  The Sports Bra site is definitely on the right track, so I hope the main site will follow.  Now that I’ve finally found a great sports bra, I want to make sure the company (and its awesome product) sticks around for a while!

I am so psyched that I read Tina’s blog, found out that Champion actually still does exist (more than just the C9 line) and that they put out a badass sports bra! 

Well done, Champion.  My girls thank you.

Running Recap

Finally!  I completed all three of my runs this week without stopping.  I feel back to normal.  Yesterday was such a nice running day (still hot, but much better than it has been).  This was my view for most of the run.  So pretty.

I even had one of my four-mile runs under 10:00 minutes this week.  The long run was surprisingly easy at first, but I think I pushed too hard out of the gate.  The second half the nine-miler was a lot slower and the heat was catching up to me.  Oh well, at least I made it.  My knees are back in action (as in painful as ever).  I made The Husband promise to remind me of how awful they feel (especially when I cross the finish line at my August Half and tell him that I want to sign up for another race).  I think I need to take a break after this one and just stick to shorter runs for a bit.  Speaking of shorter runs, just one week until The Color Run!!! So excited!!!

Now I just have to find a white shirt…

Questions of the Day:

Are you an online or in-store shopper? 

I don’t usually buy clothes, more “stuff” like vitamins and hair/face products.  Most of the time I am an online shopper.  I always make sure I can find free shipping to and from just in case I need to return something.

Are you more likely to buy something if the company has a social media presence? 

More and more, I’m finding out how much I rely on a company’s website, blog posts and Facebook/Twitter pages.  I want to know what they are up to and how others feel about them.

How do you choose between brands?  Good reviews?  Price?  Past experience?

I am a all about the reviews. 100%.  I love, love, love reading reviews about products. 


4 thoughts on “Uniboob, Be Gone

  1. In this day and age reviews are sooooooo important! Champion needs to get engaged especially if they expect to see sales from the up and coming generation, especially if they have a great product to sell.

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