I am a Sweaty Beast

Brace yourself before you look at the below photo. 


Do you see the disgusting sweat outline?  Yeah, that’s right.  Pure sweat. 

Crotch Sweat to be exact.  (Yes, I said “crotch sweat.”  You’re welcome).

I really can’t think of another phrase for it.  Well, except nasty.  We already know that my elbows sweat, and now this… I just don’t know how The Husband deals with my hotness.

It was SO hot out during my long run this past weekend.  I was a sweaty beast even before I started running, and after my run, well, I was even sweatier (as seen by my shorts).  I mean look at this one:

The entire back is a different color.  There is a glimpse of the original blue/purple on the far right.  It’s just enough so that anyone that I pass knows that it’s sweat and not the real color of the shorts.  From the front, well, there’s no mistaking the sweat.  Unless they think I peed myself… yikes! 

One thing I have learned over the past eight months is that the only time I truly do not care how awful I look is when I’m running.  If I am running, I’m way too involved with distracting my mind and trying not to die to actually care if I look okay.  So… at least there’s that…

In other news, I survived my long run on just one big spoonful of peanut butter, which I called breakfast.  I usually have either scrambled eggs or a toasted English muffin topped with peanut butter and banana slices before my long runs.  However, since it was SO hot on Saturday, I was really not in the mood to eat anything.  I thought I was going to regret it, but I actually felt great the whole run (obviously, I’m not including my knees in that “great” comment – they still hate me).  I also had my usual two Gu’s (Berry and Chocolate) during my run at Mile 4.5 and Mile 9.  Thinking back on it now, my stomach may have been satisfied as it was probably still full from the insane amount of Chinese food that I shoved in my face the previous night.  Hmmmm…

A Five Dollar Investment

This week I tried out a new pair of earphones.  My previous ones wrapped around my ears and looked a bit like this:


Only mine were white and not so fancy.   They were starting to act a bit funny over the past few weeks.  For example, if I moved the wire the “wrong” way, the singer would magically disappear and I would be left with a purely instrumental playlist.  It was getting rather annoying, so when I stopped into the convenience store last week I finally remembered to check out the electronics section.  I know, real high-class place to get earphones.  In the end, I bought these little RCA guys for $5.50:

I was a bit skeptical since I was so used to having the kind that wrap around my ear.  The only ear buds that I had used before were the ones that came with my iPhone and they sucked.  They fell out way too easily.  When we went to Foxwoods forever ago, I had to use those on the treadmill since I forgot my good ones at home.  It was so annoying as they came out almost every other step.

I figured these new ones were only $5, and they had to be better than my current situation.  I tried them out on my 11-mile run and they were AWESOME!  They stayed put the entire time (well, the right one did – I only run with one earphone in – safety first).  It didn’t budge!   I almost forgot that I had it in, except for the fact that I heard actual singing the whole time!  I’m psyched!  I hooked the other bud and cord into the strap in my sports bra to keep it from bouncing around (just in case).  Worked perfectly!


These don’t give an amazing DJ sound or anything, but I think they work great.  I can hear the music perfectly and they actually cancel out some of the outside noise on that side.  I had the volume pretty low as well.  I’m very happy with my $5 purchase! 

My running bummer… my water was gone by Mile 7, so by the time I got back to my car I was THIRSTY!


I look like I’m going to pass out.  And I have a very red face… and I’m sweaty (which you already know…).

But I survived another one.  Only two weeks left!

Questions of the Day:

Have you had a great, inexpensive purchase that has surpassed your expectations lately?  Tell me about it!

Any weird sweating stories out there?  Come on, there has to be someone…


8 thoughts on “I am a Sweaty Beast

  1. I sweat like crazy, hot or not hot. One time in a spin class I decided to wear cotton shorts (and skipped the undies because I forgot my clean ones at home!) and I had the nastiest sweat circle on my under butt…god it was embarrassing.

  2. You don’t even want to see how much I sweat. I know a guy is supposed to sweat more than girls, but this is crazy ridiculous.

    I will not buy any color shorts except black.

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