The Countdown Is On

I cannot believe my Half is on Sunday! Gah! Providence is right around the corner! I’m so excited, but feel underprepared at the same time. I’m hoping the excitement takes over and overrides any other emotions that may come up!

First, I have to say that I can officially run a 9:30 minute/mile pace! I have been able to keep that pace during my last few shorter runs (4 to 5 miles). This achievement is huge for me. Some of you are reading this and thinking that it’s slow, but for me it’s awesome! Oh, and I will definitely not be running that pace on Sunday.

Overall, it’s been a busy week between work and fun and training (when is it not?!). I did manage to put a semi-plan together, but definitely not as much as last time.

I have my Gus purchased,

Breakfast planned out (pretend there’s a banana in this picture too),

And my Pandora’s music playlist selected.

I’ve actually had my iPhone plugged in all week at work so I could listen to Pandora from my phone. I’ve been doing my best to hit the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” when the songs would play so that it would customize the station even more for me. I figured since the race was going to have a band playing at every mile that my music would be more like background music. I want to enjoy every single second of this race, so I am not really stressing about creating a motivational list. I’m sure the whole scene will take care of that (knock on wood). I will say that this customized playlist that I am creating is going to be SO random. Not as random as before, but as random as it can be with switching back and forth from pop to 80’s to classic rock. One minute Pitbull or Rhianna is making me want to shake my groove thang, then Tom Petty or CCR jumps in and starts rocking out. Ha. It will keep me on my toes at least!

A Few Changes from My Last Half…

First, I have decided to carry a disposable water bottle with me for the first half of the race. The first few water stations during the Race to Remember were terrible. They were extremely crowded and a bit stressful. We poured our own waters at the first stop. I figured if I carry my own bottle, I can avoid that whole traffic jam. I’ve run using the same bottle for my long runs and it has worked out fine. Hopefully, it stays that way!

Second, I made a costume. Well, really just a tutu. Ha. It cost me $10 to make it instead of $30 to buy one. I think it is pretty fun. Big, but fun.

I followed a tutorial like this one that I saw on Pinterest (how I love thee). I ended up buying one yard each of five different colors (pink, purple, green, orange and blue). They were on the bigger size fabric holder things (No, I’m not crafty at all. Clearly.) When I got them home, I folded each one over and then cut it in half. I then eyeballed about 6” strips and cut my little heart out.

I grabbed everything and plopped down next to The Husband while watching Modern Family (Netflix is the greatest). He held one end of a ribbon for me and I got to work on the easiest craft project ever. All you do it loop the tulle around a piece of ribbon and pull it tight. That’s it. The tutorial goes into more detail and has step-by-step pictures too.

So I have my tutu, hot pink compression socks, black tank, running shorts. SpiBelt, and my new sports bra. I also have my slightly colored running shoes that have leftover Color Run “love” on them. Makes me smile every time I look down at them! I’m still deciding on a headband. I usually use my SweatyBand one, but my mom found some online that I’m checking out tomorrow (aka – testing out during my LAST training run to make sure it stays put). Yes, my mom is awesome.

Here’s My Gear:

– Shorts: Pony ($8 at Marshalls)

– Tank: Under Armour ($12 outlet score)

– Kicks: Mizuno ($100, I think)

– Socks: ProCompression ($20 on sale) LINK

– Tutu: Homemade ($10)

– Headband: TBD

SpiBelt ($20)

Road ID ($15, I think, whatever it was on the site minus a $2.00 discount)

Headphones ($5)

Not Pictured:

– Aleve (for my knees)

– Imodium AD (only ever taken on Race Day, read about it on running forums and I’m not one to muck with the Running Gods)

– iPhone with Pandora

I think that’s all she wrote! Hopefully the next time you hear from me… I am a proud owner of one of these:

And a big smile!

Questions of the Day:

What does your usual running gear consist of?

Does anyone have any fun plans for the last few weeks of summer?


5 thoughts on “The Countdown Is On

  1. Hi there – first time reader here (a link on twitter brought me here as I was browsing rnrprov info getting pumped up for the race!) I just wanted to say that it was so reassuring to see someone else running around my pace & sharing in my pre-race feelings. I’m happy to have been maintaining a 10 minute mile (so I think 9:30 is great!!) & I’m also feeling a little unprepared but have been counting on adrenaline and hype the day of the race to give me the extra energy I’ll need – so your post made me feel so much better that I’m not the only one feeling that way. Anyway, thank you for that, and I believe we can both rock it =) Best of luck – have a great race!!

    • Allison – thank you SO much for the honest comment! I’m happy you found my blog and could relate to it. I agree with the hope that adrenaline and the other runners’ excitement will help fuel me throughout the race. I’ll be in Corral 8, so if you see me please come say hi! (I cannot for the life of me remember what pace I selected when I registered, so I’m not sure where 8 is in the pace line-up). I figure as long as we are enjoying the bands and the crowds – it will be a good day! That’s why I made a tutu this time around – to remind me to have fun with it! Good luck on Sunday! Have fun! 🙂

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