Two Years

Things have been a little crazy around our household these past few weeks.  It’s been non-stop, and I feel like everyone I talk to is feeling the same way.  Here’s what’s been happening while I’ve been a non-blogger:

1)      The Husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (more on that in a minute)

2)      I got promoted at work and moved into the Marketing Department (a dream for me!)

3)      I finished my fourth grad school class and had a much needed two week break

4)      I’ve been running a couple days each week (about four miles each run)

5)      We went to the Seafood Festival at Hampton Beach

6)      We watched the Patriots suck at their first home opener (at least the tailgating was fun)

Okay, now back to #1.  Our anniversary was smack-dab in the middle of the week (19th), so we decided to go away this past weekend.  All week we had planned on going to Montreal, but the weather had a different idea for us.  Instead when we headed out on Friday, we went south without a destination in mind.  Maybe Providence or Newport? Somewhere near the water in Connecticut?  We have been so busy that we really didn’t have time to look up any places or get ideas.  As The Husband drove, he would throw out names of cities and I would look them up using TripAdvisor on my phone.  We were looking for a place that had fun restaurants and bars in walking distance from the place that we were going to stay (wanted to park on Friday and not get back in the car until Sunday).  Oh, and we wanted sunshine.  After checking out TripAdvisor and calling a couple places to make sure we were headed to the right type of place, we ended up in Hyannis. 

Neither one of us had ever been, so we were going by the reviews we found (Thank you, TripAdvisor and phone apps!).  We put in the address of a motel that still had rooms available, but when we got off the exit and saw the very commercial main road we were more than a little bummed.  We kept going and with one quick turn, we ended up in a perfect downtown on Main Street.  We stayed at the Hyannis Inn Motel, which was right on the main strip.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it had good reviews, friendly staff and (most importantly) it was clean.  For two nights, we paid less than the cost of just one night at other places we looked ($479 for one night, ummm… not for us).  We agreed that we would totally go back to this motel again!

We got there around 7:30pm and headed out to a restaurant that I found on Yelp (another wonderful app)!  We walked to the Paddock Restaurant and expected a divey bar, but when we walked in it was really nice (well, business casual nice).  The reviews mentioned a piano bar, so I was thinking Billy Joel, pub food and some cold beers.  What a surprise when the piano player was singing like Barbra Streisand!  Clearly, I should have read the reviews better. What can I say we were hungry! It was such a nice start to our anniversary weekend.  The food was so delicious (especially the crab cake appetizer – all crab meat – and the mushroom risotto).  Hmmm… I should have taken pictures.

After dinner, we walked back toward our motel and ended up at the British Beer Company.  They were having a pumpkin fest of sorts (I think it just meant that they were featuring pumpkin flavored drinks).  They had a live band playing a great mix of songs, from Stevie Wonder to The Doors to Kings of Leon.  We didn’t see their name anywhere, so I jumped on the bar’s website and found out that they actually have locations all over Massachusetts. 

The band was The Coozies, which of course, linked me over to their Facebook page.  Ah, social media, you are never too far.  The place had over 30 beers on draft, and as a Mich Ultra or Shock Top beer drinker (I know, I’m crazy like that), I was little overwhelmed.  I tried a few different beers without any success (Blueberry was too sweet, Allagash White had funky aftertaste and Paulaner Hefeweiss was not my speed).  At least the music was good! 

The next day we got up and decided to check out the area and the shops. We had a quick breakfast at the motel restaurant, Bluebirds, and headed out.  It was still pretty cloudy (ironic since we were trying to go toward the sun), so we wandered in and out of shops and by the waterfront. 


(Daytime Shot)

Around 1pm, the sun finally showed up and we stopped for a bite to eat.  The first place, Fresh Ketch, was not a place we would go back to eat again.  The steamers were a little, umm, suspicious.  The only good point was that I was able to try out the Cape Cod Beach Blonde, which was finally a winner! 

We wandered around a little more and decided to follow the sunshine.  There was a bar, called Prova Brazil, that opened about three weeks ago (or so we were told, and their website is pretty sad so it must be true) that had a great seating and bar area outside.  Perfect for us Sun Seekers!  We took two seats at the bar and tried a watermelon beer. Crazy, but good.

(Huh. I take pictures of my drinks, but not my food.  Interesting…)

The restaurant had a very South Beach feel to it.  We met a few different couples who bought us a celebratory drink.  Everyone we met was so friendly, and you could tell they were enjoying their day outside just as much as we were.  After soaking up as much sun as possible, we headed back toward the motel.  We walked past Palio Pizza and saw a man walking out with a box.  He said that he lives 20 minutes away and this is the only place he buys pizza.  Sold!  We waited for our order and took it back to the motel to eat and veg out.

On Sunday, we had breakfast at Bluebirds again and went to check out the Duck Inn Pub that a few people had told us about the day before.  What a fun place!  Divey, yet not.  It had so much character inside and the menu looked so good.  The bartender and other patrons were so friendly.  One couple even bought us a Happy Anniversary drink!  We hung out, played Keno and grabbed some apps while watching some of the football games.  We headed back home around 3pm to get ready for the crazy week ahead.

Now I’m back to reality, with work and school and life to keep up with!  I hope you all have been doing well and that you enjoyed the last few weeks of summer.

Questions of the Day:

What was your favorite memory from the summer?

What are you most looking forward to this fall?


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