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Two Years

Things have been a little crazy around our household these past few weeks.  It’s been non-stop, and I feel like everyone I talk to is feeling the same way.  Here’s what’s been happening while I’ve been a non-blogger: 1)      The Husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (more on that in a minute) 2)      … Continue reading

State of Bliss

This past weekend I finally used up a gift certificate that my dad got me for Christmas (yes, I hoard gift certificates/cards like it is my job. I even have a special wallet that I carry for JUST gift cards. I still have one from The Husband when he was not even “The Husband” yet!).  … Continue reading

Uniboob, Be Gone

Yes, this post is all about keeping “the girls” happy and in place without the dreading chafing.  I have been on the hunt for a good sports bra for a while now.  I was victim of the doubling-up strategy, which was miserable during and also in the after-math of the run.  You know what I’m … Continue reading

Hot, Hot, HOT

Oh yes.  I’m feeling Hot, Hot, HOT! Man, oh man, today’s run was crazy hot.  Nice and sweaty.  Elbow sweat was just the tip of the iceberg.  Ugh.  I don’t know how people in the South are dealing with the weather!  In reality, if I was headed to the beach, I’d be in Heaven.  Running … Continue reading

It’s the Pits!

Literally. I’m having deodorant issues.  Not so much stank (aka – smelly) ones, but more “my-deodorant-promises-to-go-on-clear-but-leaves-white-marks-on-my-clothes” issues.  Ladies (and maybe some men), know what I’m saying? I went searching online to try and see if I could find some inspiration.  I’ve always (past ten years or so) been a Dove girl… but I’ve been really sick … Continue reading

Pump Up the Jam

Pump it up… while your feet are stompin’… Now you can join me in having that song stuck in your head all day.  You’re welcome. Speaking of music, I have been listening to the same playlist during my runs the past few weeks.  I needed a change, and it came in the form of Pandora.  … Continue reading

Pigeon Pose

Well, apparently I’m late to the party.  Mike, a fellow runner, sent along some great stretches for me to try out.  The pigeon pose definitely works!  I’m a believer.  I went online to get some more instruction on how to do it properly, and I found out that a lot of runners swear by it. … Continue reading

Pick It Up

And by “it”, I mean weights. My hips have been a little sore lately after I run.  It started out as just my left hip, but now it’s both.  I took a week off from running (as seen in my Running Log), partially from my hips and partially because it was just a rough week … Continue reading